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Shine Online Private server.
Understanding Chinese language
is a must, if not, having a bit of fiesta know-how without understanding the chinese
language, is a plus too.

99ShineOnline, Private Server,High Rates!


QQ Supergroup:54798010
•Released Date:Sep 25th 2009
•Drop Rate:20x
•Server Location:China, ZhengZhou
•Communication can be made via QQ

•Server Objective : We base our server on players' opinions. What a player want is not rates like the official server. What a player need is not some money-making scheme which rip off one's hard earned money. And most importantly, what a player wants is not being pwned by rich players with rich fathers. Every player wants to own godly equipment, true. In our server, you can get godly equipment by cash, true. BUT, you can also get godly equipment if you put in enough hours of gameplay. If you feel that some part of the server is unbalanced, you can always suggest to the GM. Our QQ chatroom is almost 24-hour abuzz with activity, and its 24 hour online.

A good private server is one which caters to the needs of players who are unsatisfied with the official server.. Only players know the needs of players.. AND we at 99Shine make it our goal to try to satisfy our players.

Latest updates.

- higher than normal enhancing success rates.
- mara pirates kingdom quest has been modded from level ( 17-25) to (110-129). BOSS drops level 112 weapons, 250% charms, 500% exp boost card, marks, xir3&4, higher KQ exp.
- the following training areas have their exp boosted. (95-****25%)(110-120,50%)(120-130,100%)
- (95-110) training grounds mobs are increased.
- skills for all classes have been improved.
* [cleric]max healing amount has been increased to 8000 HP.
* [archer]nature's mist attack has been increased to 8565 - 10060
* [fighter]precise attack's damage has been increase 4 times.
- [Event Eternal]event where xir 3/4 redemption for exp cards is now always on. please contact [csr]in our QQ super group.
- super suits with super increase in stats have been added in item mall. go check it out.
- necklace of enlightenment, level 103 ( 10000HP ) has been added to elderine smith. costs 40000 fame.

Game Rates
1:Experience:lvl 1~20,1 level per 1 exp point. Level 1 newbie weapon has been modified greatly, its more than enough for 1st class change.

2:After 1st class change at lvl 20, go to Elderine blacksmith to get the level 20 blue weapons for your class.(level 50 blues have been modified to level 20.);After 2nd class change at lvl 60, go to Elderine blacksmith to get lvl 60 orange rare equipment. ( lvl 91 orange Helgaits have been modified to level 60 to cater to the needs of players )

3:If you have the gold, remember to check out Elderine Item merchant and blacksmith for some goodies.

4:Currently, we have 3 modified BOSS for hunting. They drop Lucky Bag upon defeat. You can get rare jewellery and level 132 weapons from Lucky Bag.
- Super Hero Slime : G5 Forest of Mist
- Helga King of Helgait : E7 Burning Rock / Helga's Tomb in Swamp of Dawn
- Curse Knight Lord : Flaming Mine

5:Points Redemption System has been released. Normal players who attained level 80 on any of their character, can redeem 30 points every 12 hours. Points can be redeemed via website.
Points can be used to purchase special items from item mall.
Every new character is given 10 gold upon logging on. In-game gold can be earned by
recreating a character repeatedly.

6:Item Merchants in Roumen, Elderine and Uruga sells all potions, scrolls, stones, buffs.

7:Item Mall has been fully released with all items. A player who has played long enough will have enough points to purchase all the special items featured.

8:Marks have been increased. Yellow Gift boxes equates 1 mark. Blue = 2 marks. Red = 5 marks. Marks enable special items to be requested for your character.

9:Reborn/Rebirth/Reset is Free now. ( used to cost 3 gems ) 1st rebirth is at level 1 1 0
2nd at level 120, max level at 150. Marks are required for rebirth, when the required Marks are obtained, request a GM to rebirth your character. ( need not remove items for rebirth )

10:Currently, level 100 ~ 110 mobs are located in Collapsed Prison level 2 ; 110 ~ 120 mobs are located in Dark Passage I. 120 - 130 mobs are located in Bonds Of Darkness. Equipment drops for the levels in accordance with the level of the mobs.

11:Taiwan Shine Online Client is required to be downloaded and updated to latest version and patched with our latest patch file in order to proceed with the game smoothly.

12:Maintenance is carried out weekly and server is updated to latest version. Please
remember to download the patch from the website.

13:New releases and more coming..

Well, check it out Razz

Marks & Redemption System
In order for non-paying players or players who are not equipped for facing the ultimate BOSSes, our GM team have devised a method for redeeming VIP gears.

Method of exchange is by gift boxes which you can obtained via killing the follow mobs.

Angry Wolf
Sand Beach – C5
Forest of Mist – C7
Forest of Tides – near the gate from roumen.
Suggestion : wear 9ed 90 gears.
Melee attacks do more damage.

Gift boxes looked like.. well gift boxes and they come in 3 colours.
Yellow – 1 point
Blue – 2 points
Red – 5 points.

Players who have fulfilled the following requirements by collection of gift boxes, can exchange their points for the following items and services. Contact a GM for the exchange.

1) 30 points
a) 2 lucky bag, you can get rare jewellery and level 132 weapons.

2) 40 points
a) x1 400% exp card ( 1 hour ) OR x1 200% charm ( 2 hours ) OR x1 300% hp/sp extender ( 1 hour )

3 ) 80 points
a) 2 pieces of weapon or equipment your choice, 5 stats each of 20 points. OR 1 piece of weapon/equipment your choice, 5 stats of 40 points

4) 100 points
a) 2 pieces of level 111 green weapon, your choice of weapon. Stats are random and varied. Unequipped
b) 2 pieces of level 100 to 109 body equipment of your choice, not 5 stats tho.
c) a set of body equipment 9.
d) equipment modification service. Any equipment below level 120 can be modified to fit your level. 100 points per piece of equipment.

5) 400 points
a) 40000 fame
b) or 100 points for 10000 fame.[b]
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[SHINE]Fiesta/Shine Online Private Server
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